OPAL is a telephone helpline for adults in East Dunbartonshire who use, or might use, Health- or Social Care Services. You can call OPAL on 0141 438 2347 from Monday to Friday, 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Do You Need Information or Support?

OPAL offers free and impartial information to anyone who uses Health- or Social Care Services in East Dunbartonshire. We can help you with  wide range of things from:

  • Applying for Benefits, Credits and Allowances.
  • Accessing services or getting support.
  • Finding Social and leisure activities in your area,
  • Finding support to improve your Health and Wellbeing.
  • Finding or changing Care and Support Providers.

OPAL is independent of the Council, the NHS, the DWP, or any other service providers, anything you tell us is confidential and we do not share information with anyone else.

What Makes Opal Different?

OPAL is different to many other services, in that it has a human voice and face. The OPAL phone is answered by a real person – we don’t thank you for holding, and tell you how important your call is to us!

All the OPAL advisers work in East Dunbartonshire and have up-to-date knowledge of health- and social care services, as well as all the other sources of information and support that are available. More often than not, your adviser will be able to give you information or tell you what support is available in the first phone call.

Your adviser also has the resources to find information or services that may take a bit more investigation than just one phone call. Where appropriate, OPAL advisers will follow up the information they provide on the phone with a letter or email, giving you a record of what was said and what decisions or actions you have to consider next. In some cases we will refer you onward to other services that specialise in particular areas, like applying for Benefits and Allowances, or granting Power of Attorney.

Who Are Opal?

OPAL is a co-operative venture between: