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Over 75 and in receipt of pension credit? You can still get your TV License for free.

In recent news and a hotly debated topic, TV License fees for older people are being reintroduced from the 1st of July 2020. However, if you are over 75 and eligible for pension credit, you will still be able to watch and record your favourite shows for free.

Pension Credit is an income related benefit and offers those who would otherwise be struggling financially in retirement – a little bit of extra money to help make ends meet.

To access your free TV License, you must apply as they will not be given out automatically. You can do so yourself –click here for more information. Alternatively, if you would like some support doing so, or if you are unsure if you are in receipt/eligible for Pension Credit, give OPAL a call today: OPAL partner East Dunbartonshire Citizen’s Advice Bureau will help you find this out via an Income Maximisation check, which explores what you’re entitled too, if you’re receiving it, and how to access any extra financial support.

Other groups of people who are eligible for a concessionary discount include;

  • Those who are 74 can get a short-term license until they are 75
  • Those who are visually impaired or blind, can claim a discount of up to 50%
  • Those who reside in a care home/sheltered accommodation, where licenses cost £7.50.