East Dunbartonshire Information Line
East Dunbartonshire Information Line

Contacting OPAL On Behalf of a Relative

The OPAL line is open to all adult residents of East Dunbartonshire and we frequently receive enquiries from people on behalf of their family members and friends. We currently promote the service across a number of social media platforms and by making information of OPAL accessible this way, we have been able to connect with a number of people digitally, as is the case with Chris’ story below.


Chris, 24, East Dunbartonshire

“I discovered the OPAL service when browsing Facebook for information on local services. I phoned OPAL on behalf of my Grandad as the bulb in the lamppost outside of his house, had gone out. After hearing of an increase in local burglaries, he was worried that anyone passing could use it as an opportunity to look at the house.

He had a list of outdated telephone numbers for the council that he hadn’t used in a long time so wasn’t awfully sure who would be best to contact. I phoned OPAL to get some answers and ultimately the adviser contacted East Dunbartonshire Council who confirmed that they would send someone out.

After having a brief chat with the OPAL Adviser, we considered other areas that my Grandad would be worth exploring and decided that a benefits check and some information on advanced statements would be helpful.

My Grandad doesn’t communicate particularly very well over the phone and would rather talk in person, so the OPAL Adviser arranged the visits from the appropriate organisations in both areas.

My Grandad was delighted to discover he had a successful Income Maximisation award and has plans to complete an advanced statement in future.

He was very pleased with the service and has since mentioned it to a number of neighbours that live on his street. The whole support process certainly made my life easier and I’m confident that if/when I phone again, OPAL can handle it.”