East Dunbartonshire Information Line
East Dunbartonshire Information Line

OPAL Helps You Take a Hike!

A story on the BBC News today is emphasising the importance of exercise for older people, and pointing out the barriers that they perceive which stop them from getting out and getting fit.

OPAL can help older people in East Dunbartonshire, as well as people in recovery, people with disabilities and long-term conditions, to find the right sort of exercise opportunities to keep them fit, active and healthy.

Current guidance suggests we shouls all be getting 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise (ie you don’t become so out of breath that you can’t talk), which could be a twenty minute walk each day!

If you are looking for opportunities to improve your fitness, or you want to refer people into organised and appropriate fitness activities in East Dunbartonshire, give OPAL a call on 0141 438 2347, Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 4:30.

Scottish Government Report: Access to Outdoor Recreation by Older People.