East Dunbartonshire Information Line
East Dunbartonshire Information Line

Supporting a younger person with Carer’s Support

“As a young carer, it was all getting a bit much for me and it can often go that way. I was referred onto OPAL’s social media pages by a friend who had seen the service online. The OPAL Facebook page had examples of how it has supported people before and I could relate to some of the case examples, so I sent a message with some contact details to see if they could help.

An OPAL Adviser contacted me the following day and it was nice to chat with somebody who really understood my situation and explained who was best for me to talk to in regards of support organisations.

My Adviser put me in contact with a support worker at Carers Link. I now attend carer support days and am part of a online community where people in similar situations to myself can come to discuss little things like their day and what they’ve been up to. I have also recently secured some funding from Carers Link for short a break which I intend to use for a family day out to Edinburgh”