East Dunbartonshire Information Line
East Dunbartonshire Information Line

Supporting a younger person to find Volunteering Opportunities

“I attend university three days per week and thought it would be worthwhile giving some spare time back to my local community. I currently have a number of health conditions that would make some volunteering duties difficult, so I phoned OPAL to see if they knew if much was available to me.

My OPAL Adviser referred me on to EDVA, a local organisation who oversees the development of charities across East Dunbartonshire.

I spoke with Scott at EDVA who mentioned the befriending scheme and that I would be eligible for the Saltire Awards as I am younger than the age of 25. It was also great to know that I could still volunteer in my local community even with my particular health conditions.

I now spend a couple of hours a week chatting on the phone and visiting people in my local area who enjoy the company. I am always excited to meet new people and it’s very rewarding when the people are just as enthusiastic to see me. I am currently working towards my ‘Approach’ award, the second stage of the Saltire Awards.”