East Dunbartonshire Information Line
East Dunbartonshire Information Line

Mr J, Bishopbriggs

Mr J is socially isolated at home. He has no family or friends close by and does not have any services in place.  He is also unable to work due to limited mobility, he struggles to get in and out of his house due to the number of steps at his front door, and he has a heavy financial commitment with his mortgage which he cannot always meet.

OPAL referred him to money advice and income maximisation service in East Dunbartonshire. Mr J was also referred to Occupational Therapy and the Befriending service offered at EDVA.
A funding application to make his house more accessible was also successful and he also received £2,300.00 in his income maximisation check.

Mr J stated “I thought my next move was to a nursing home and can’t believe that I can now stay in my own home. I also can’t believe that it only took one phone call to help me in a number of ways”.