Ms A and Mr B, Kirkintilloch

Ms A has been living with Mr B for several years, they both have learning difficulties. Ms A is now pregnant, and their GP and the Social Work department have expressed concerns about the safety and security of the child once it is born. Naturally, Ms A and Mr B want to address these concerns, but they do… Continue reading Ms A and Mr B, Kirkintilloch

Miss D, Bishopbriggs

Miss D called OPAL because she was looking for a service to deliver shopping to the house. The OPAL adviser was able to give her details of care agencies that can do so. In the process of exploring why Miss D could not go out for her own shopping, Miss D disclosed that she has… Continue reading Miss D, Bishopbriggs

Mr H, London

Mr H visited his parents in Milton of Campsie over Christmas, and was alarmed about how frail he found them. He had to return to London before New Year because of work commitments, but he phoned OPAL on his lunch break and spoke to an adviser about his concerns. The OPAL adviser spoke to Mr… Continue reading Mr H, London