OPAL is an information, advice and referral service for adults (16+) in East Dunbartonshire who need a bit of help and support, but do not know how to access it.

OPAL can help you with all sorts of inquiries, from finding a plumber through to planning a care package. OPAL is a free service – all you pay for is a local telephone call.

OPAL Advisers all work in East Dunbartonshire, they know the local area and they know what services are available. They may not always be able to answer your question immediately, but they will go away and find the answer and then get back to you.

My neighbour told me I should apply for Attendance Allowance because I was finding it increasingly difficult to get around, but I did not know anything about it. I called OPAL, and they arranged for someone from Citizens Advice Bureau to complete the forms for me, and they also helped me to register for the MyBus service.

Older Lady Lenzie