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Month: March 2017

Salt Awareness Week: How you can cut your salt intake

It’s Salt Awareness Week and the theme for this year is: “Salt: the Forgotten Killer”.

It’s as simple as this: by eating less salt, we can prevent dying prematurely. The level of salt in your body has a large impact on life expectancy as it raises blood pressure which leads to strokes and heart attacks.

Recent figures from CASH (Consensus Action on Salt & Health) have been widely reported across media outlets in the UK with the particularly shocking fact revealing that on average, ‘a mug of hot chocolate can have a higher salt content than in a bag of crisps.’ (BBC News)

Reducing your salt intake:

Product swapping – switching a product you buy frequently with on that has lower salt content.

Snacks – choosing fruit or veg instead of crisps and crackers, or even ‘product swap’ the latter for a healthier version.

Cured meat – try uncured, unsmoked meat as cured versions can have a high salt content.

Preparing your own meals and sauces – controlling your own salt content in meals by preparing them in bulk, ready for use at a later time.

BBC iWonder: How much is too much salt?

Age Concern & Social Care

Channel 4 have reported that more than a million elderly people are left without the care they require due to spending cuts and a rise in demand. Social Care has been left “in a state of collapse”.

OPAL follows a preventative approach to stop many issues from developing, doing our part in ‘freeing up’ the resources of local Social Care in East Dunbartonshire.

Full video available here

New figures suggest young people less likely to smoke

Recent figures show a decline in all age groups of people who smoke with the largest decrease coming in younger age brackets. This success has been accredited to effective legislation and policy in the years following 1974, when records officially began.

There are still concerns that these development could be affected by new forms of smoking such as vaping.

You can read the full report on the BBC website here.


Source: UK Annual Population Survey – Office for National Statistics

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